About Nutritional Therapy


Nutritional Therapy uses the science of nutrition to support health issues and promote optimal health.

Nutritional Therapists understand that, as individuals, no one plan will work for everyone.   They assess the general health, medical history and dietary habits of each individual to evaluate any potential imbalances within the body.  Using their understanding of these imbalances and the health concerns present, they can then provide tailored lifestyle and nutrition programmes to support a broad spectrum of symptoms and inspire people to take control of their health and wellbeing

Nutritional therapists are not a replacement for medical professionals and do not claim to be able to “treat”, “prevent” or “cure”.  However, nutritional therapy may be able to help you if you are:

  • low on energy and lost your sparkle
  • hooked on sugar or caffeine
  • struggling with weight management
  • embarrassed with your tummy
  • feeling tired all the time
  • wondering if certain foods don’t agree with you
  • wanting to understand how food can support your training schedule
  • fed up with eating the same old meals

…..and so much more!

Sometimes Nutritional Therapists will recommend non-invasive laboratory tests to help evaluate health.  They may also recommend a supplement programme to complement the diet.  Both of these are an additional cost but will be discussed fully during your consultation

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