Don’t say DETOX!

DETOX….or rather DON’T SAY DETOX! It’s January and the pressure is on to be a new improved you.  Everywhere you look it seems to be “detox” this, “clean eating” that and ”fad diet” the other.  I wanted to share with you my thoughts on these detox diets because I feel they are dangerous and because I don’t want you to see them as an option for health. Firstly, it’s imp...
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Thyroid Health Workshop

Understanding your
If your thyroid isn't functioning quite as it should be then why not book your place on my talk on the 4th June 3-5pm in White Waltham, Maidenhead. We will cover: What the thyroid does What can go wrong Understanding blood test results How to help yourself - food and lifestyle advice The event is booking only and great value at £15 per person for 2 hours.  To se...
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Nutrition and Fertility

Egg , chives and black plate look like sperm competition, Spermatozoons floating to ovule
This is an article on Nutrition and Fertility that I wrote for Infertility UK magazine.  Enjoy! ----- Starting a family isn’t always straightforward and, according to the latest NHS figures, around 1 in 6 couples have difficulty conceiving. 100 years ago large families were the norm and, with food budgets small, people ate a diet that was entirely unprocessed, largely ...
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Lunchbox Helper

School lunch box for kids. Funny flower shaped sandwiches, fruits, vegetables and juice. Selective focus
Do you need a lunchbox helper?  Are you forever wondering what to give your child at school lunchtime? Having a healthy lunch as a growing child is extremely important.  Some of the benefits include: Maximising nutrient intake to support growth and development Refuelling them after a long morning of learning & play Helps give them energy throughout the afternoon ...
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PAMPs and Health

PAMPS – what on earth are they?! Standing for “Pathogen Associated Molecular Patterns” and discovered by the University of Leicester, these harmful bacterial are thought to increase a person’s risk of diseases such as coronary artery disease and type 2 Diabetes. Announced in February this year by the University, this finding is potentially huge.  The PAMPs are found on pr...
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Surviving the BBQ Season

  The Great British BBQ!! Have you tried for the last few months to eat well and get your body looking a little healthier for summer and then “BAM” barbecue season hits and threatens to derail all your hard work and make you pile on the pounds again?  If this is a yes for you then read on - this article is your summer guide to enjoying a barbecue without the worry ab...
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Mrs W, age 62 – overweight & low energy

Thank you for your help in all the advice you gave on adding avocados, good oil and nuts and seeds. It has been a revelation.  With some trial and error I have finally found a way of eating that works for me and does not involve counting calories or following a diet plan.  I am loving my food, not counting calories and not feeling hungry and the weight is falling off.
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