General & Family Health


At Apples to Zinc we are highly qualified and experienced in general nutrition to support a host of symptoms, imbalances and conditions.  We use foods, and sometimes supplements and tests, to support you if you are:

  • Low on energy and lost your sparkle
  • Hooked on sugar or caffeine
  • In a crazed hormonal state
  • Struggling with weight management
  • Embarrassed with your digestive system
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Wondering if certain foods aren’t agreeing with you
  • Wanting to understand how food can support your training schedule
  • Feeling overwhelmed with stress
  • Fed up with eating the same old meals

…..and so much more!

Family Nutrition

Do you ever wonder if you have optimal family nutrition?  Keeping the whole family happy and healthy can be a big challenge. We are often pushed for time, working to a budget and have a selection of tastes to cater for! It is not always easy to make the right food choices given these factors and it is easy to get stuck in a rut. Over time you may have noticed that the family is just eating the same old things, may be increasing in weight, have more colds and infections than normal or just have less energy than we would like. Looking at what foods we eat is a great place to start in getting a family back on track with their health.

Apples to Zinc offers a family package that gives you the opportunity for a nutritional therapist to look at the lifestyle and diet of your whole family and help you make small changes that may benefit each individual family member.

The sessions take approximately 2 hours, will normally take place at your home and involve the whole family. We work at looking at the family’s current diet, health status and any medical history. Working together and to your specific needs we develop a plan that will help you to support your family’s health and wellbeing.

Additional services available to complement these sessions include:

  • Cupboard cleansing
  • Accompanied supermarket shops
  • Weekly menu planning service

For more information and pricing details, please do get in touch or call Janet on 07554 626765