Thyroid Health Workshop

Understanding your
If your thyroid isn't functioning quite as it should be then why not book your place on my talk on the 4th June 3-5pm in White Waltham, Maidenhead. We will cover: What the thyroid does What can go wrong Understanding blood test results How to help yourself - food and lifestyle advice The event is booking only and great value at £15 per person for 2 hours.  To se...
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Surviving the BBQ Season

  The Great British BBQ!! Have you tried for the last few months to eat well and get your body looking a little healthier for summer and then “BAM” barbecue season hits and threatens to derail all your hard work and make you pile on the pounds again?  If this is a yes for you then read on - this article is your summer guide to enjoying a barbecue without the worry ab...
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The fat minefield

good or bad fats
Fat's now big news but are confused with the fat minefield - which is good and which is bad? Fats – What you need to know! Since the 1980’s those who have wanted to lose weight, stay healthy or control their cholesterol levels have generally limited or cut out the fat in their diet. The supermarkets are literally saturated with low fat alternatives to almost every product ...
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Sugar Vs Artificial Sweetener

sugar or sweetener
Sugar vs Artificial Sweetener - Are you confused? “Sugar is bad” – that’s what we are constantly told by the media, slimming groups, dentists and GP’s.  Even the government’s ‘Changes for Life’ campaign tells us to make sugar swaps.  Their advice?...... switch to low sugar alternatives.  According to the campaign we should: Try giving the kids small amounts of diluted su...
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