Lunchbox Helper

School lunch box for kids. Funny flower shaped sandwiches, fruits, vegetables and juice. Selective focus
Do you need a lunchbox helper?  Are you forever wondering what to give your child at school lunchtime? Having a healthy lunch as a growing child is extremely important.  Some of the benefits include: Maximising nutrient intake to support growth and development Refuelling them after a long morning of learning & play Helps give them energy throughout the afternoon ...
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PAMPs and Health

PAMPS – what on earth are they?! Standing for “Pathogen Associated Molecular Patterns” and discovered by the University of Leicester, these harmful bacterial are thought to increase a person’s risk of diseases such as coronary artery disease and type 2 Diabetes. Announced in February this year by the University, this finding is potentially huge.  The PAMPs are found on pr...
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The fat minefield

good or bad fats
Fat's now big news but are confused with the fat minefield - which is good and which is bad? Fats – What you need to know! Since the 1980’s those who have wanted to lose weight, stay healthy or control their cholesterol levels have generally limited or cut out the fat in their diet. The supermarkets are literally saturated with low fat alternatives to almost every product ...
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Thyroid and Nutrition – What you need to know

In this article I talk all about the thyroid and nutrition - I hope you find the information useful! The Thyroid The thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped gland that sits in the neck. Its main role is as “energy manager”. It regulates the METABOLISM (that’s the amount of energy we make and use). If we produce too much thyroid hormone we have too much energy and get hyper a...
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