Nicki, aged 38
I’ve struggled with my weight for 20 years – what a breath of fresh air Janet is!
We talked, she explained factors which were contributing to my weight gain and
we set realistic goals and changes to my diet. It was very motivating!
I’m 8 weeks in and I’ve lost 8kg and my fitness and energy levels have drastically improved.
Thanks so much, Janet!

David, age 75
Janet has an understanding, warm and attentive professional manner, quickly putting
me at my ease and conducting a sensitive and carefully structured consultation.
Her recommendations are proving most effective in improving my health, boosting
my energy, and increasing my sense of well-being.


Mrs W, age 62

Thank you for your help in all the advice you gave on adding
avocados, good oil and nuts and seeds. It has been a revelation.  With some trial and error I
have finally found a way of eating that works for me and does not involve counting calories or
following a diet plan.  I am loving my food, not counting calories and not feeling hungry
and the weight is falling off.